Playing Golf

It was only once that I have entered a golf playing area; it was when a friend of mine asked me to come with her and her family. And since I don’t how to play golf, I choose to be the driver of their cable car, their equipments and balls are not complete so they have to rent a used golf balls in the counter, they tried to teach me how to play golf but I just don’t know how to sway the stick properly. Well I enjoyed driving the cable around that sometimes I would hit the trees nearby, how I wish that it was a car I was really driving but sad to say it was not.
My husband loves playing golf, and he said we would it try next time when he will take his vacation here, I don’t have equipments to use so I guess we will be renting it at the golf venue. I hope he could teach me well and I hope to listen to him while he would instruct me how to sway it properly so the balls would shoot in the hole.

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