A Surprise Gift For My Sister And My Niece

Once we are settled with everything here, I will have to sell my things that I bought on February. My friend already told me she would like to buy my TV and the bed, but let’s see who would make a down payment the moment I will have a garage sale. My laptop would be a surprise gift for my sister, since she doesn’t have any computer at home and her daughter might need it for school. My Acer mini laptop will be a gift to my other niece, I guess she also needs a personal computer too so that no one can bug her whenever she needs to browse or do her homework. I hope that it would be a successful garage sale.

If you would ask when, well I am not sure as we don’t hear any news from the agency yet. My husband keeps on calling them to at least send us a first notice. One staff told him it might be this week, we are not sure yet but we just have to believe that we will be together the soonest possible time. God will always be there for us, he will provide everything.

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