We Arrived Late

We were so late when we arrived at the swimming venue this morning because we could not see any taxi around and the passengers were stock to wait for a jeepney to pass by. So instead to wait for a cab to come by, we choose to hail a jeepney that will not wait for like 30 minutes in one place. We had to insert ourselves hard in a slit between passengers so we could get a seat but since there was one space that is available for one person, the driver still waited for one passenger, whose at that time was still crossing the street.

I wonder why everything was pacing so slow this morning, it seems like everyone still has a hang over from yesterday’s election. Even the jeepney that we rode was moving so darn slow, even me. I was not worried if we get late, I didn’t care to look at my watch. But I still thought Mj could not catch up in today’s lessons I was amazed because her coach told me right after the session ends that she was able to do the stroke well even she was late.

The session finished at 11:00 a.m., but we could not go home due to the fact that Mj still has a Kumon to attend for in the afternoon. We ate our lunch in the mall then we got her pictures in the studio to be submitted to her coach, they need it for the certificates which they will get on June 05 during their graduation. Everyone is so excited to finish the advance swimming but not my daughter, she still want to swim, and I could not let her proceed because she would be very busy again this coming school days.

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