Fun and play during summer

My eldest daughter continued her training in swimming at Blue Marlin Club after I asked her if she want to pursue it or not, I was having doubts at first because aside from swimming, she has a two subjects in Kumon she needs to attain to everyday plus the class has been started this month. We have a deal though, that if she cannot cope up her studies, we really have to drop her swimming out, when she agreed with the verdict, she was extremely happy to pursue her training.
Yesterday, she blurted news that she was fast with the freestyle when the coach tried their speed. She said she was able to catch one of her team mates, and was the first one to arrive at the other end.
The pictures below were the fun and play after their lessons last summer, right now they are practicing the butterfly strokes. Mj said it is the most difficult strokes she had encounter because she keeps on catching her breath. You have to pull over your chest while doing the dolphin kick, she needs extra energy for doing it and the powerade or gatorade is the answer.

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  1. eden says:

    that is nice to know, MJ is getting good in the swimming. Si DAvid ako pa sad ipa assessed iyang swimming and hope he wants to continue his swimming lesson. Dugay na kaayo siya nag lesson 3 yrs old pa siya and since then wala na ma continue. Enjoy kaayo si MJ..

  2. anne says:

    Hehehe hi den, it's Mj's passion as always, same as Faith they really love water

  3. tommyclaire says:

    i have gatorade here sa balay girl na powder. want some:)La pa jud nako na ablihan. dala ni tommy.

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