A quick glance when I was still pregnant with Faith

When I was pregnant with Faith, my husband was the one who bought me prenatal vitamins and sent out here. And as soon as I received the vitamins, I asked my Doctor about it and when she checked it, it was already complete that she doesn’t have to prescribe me another vitamin. I was thankful though because I cannot take some vitamins she gave me, if it was not huge, it would make me throw up and nothing can help me to stop that, I have to let out all the food that I took that day so to stop the vomit.
Now, my baby is a toddler, it seems like it was only yesterday that I carried her in my womb wherever I go and whatever I do. I could vividly remember how she reacted so much when I have phone calls at work and how she was quick not to move when my workmates touched my tummy. They even teased her, they would pretend not to touch me but after a while when they are quick and my baby was still moving, they would say “got cha baby”. It was a very difficult night for me when I have to work, and I was not feeling well with her in my tummy but I surpassed it all and that was because of my husband who was always there to listen to all my needs.

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