Thank you Mama, you’re welcome

I admit Faith has her own stubbornness, she would insist things that are not good for her and I end up brushing her off so to hold my temper. We have several moments of arguing and fighting, well I guess that’s normal for Mom and kids. No matter how keen we are to discipline them, they sometimes would throw fits and become cranky with no reasons at all and I tell you whenever Faith does that, I really want to shrink or vanished in an instant.
But there is one thing I want Faith to possessed until she grows up, it is her of being so polite whenever there are things she pleases and you would give it to her. She would always say “Thank you”. That is what I am always proud of her; she carried that politeness until now. There are times when she gets hurt or something, she would approached me and would point out where she got hurt and would say “Kiss Mama, as if my kiss is the best treatment for her pain, and after the kiss, she would always say “Thank you, Mama” it was so sweet for her to say that.
She said “Thank you, more than the “You’re welcome” though, but I know she is using the latter word at times. Her “You’re welcome, is mostly “You’re elcome” and whenever she utter those words, I feel like I am floating in the air, it is always like a music to me. My baby is growing up so fast, and I can’t help to be a so proud Mama.

2 Responses to “Thank you Mama, you’re welcome”

  1. Bambie dear ★ says:

    well kids could be stubborn most of the time pero nababawi naman yun sa pagka-sweet nila diba =)

  2. anne says:

    exactly bam, haist kids talaga

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