Tuesday Couch Potatoes # 3 : The Net

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I just could not forget this movie because aside from I really love Sandra Bullock; this movie also entails how computer works in our lives and somehow could destroy us.

Angela Bennet (Sandra Bullock) evolved her life through the net as she also works home base; she is a computer software analyst. Her life is so much attached with computers, even to order her meal would always be through online. She is already contented with her lifestyle that she didn’t know what lies ahead of it all. After testing a new video game that was infected with a Trojan virus that would be activated when one presses the “Escape Key”, she uses some tools to remove the virus from the game but she saves a copy of it to a floppy disk and sends it to a friend Dale. When Dale sends her a new game on disk, they found out that the disk contains a backdoor to a new computer security software system called “The Gatekeeper” that is being installed on major government and military computer systems across the globe and said that the disk is very dangerous.

Dale and Angela agreed to talk about it in person but the plane that Dale boarded before they supposed to meet up was suddenly crash. After the incident, Angela’s life began to change, they took her identity and she was being haunted by some men who wanted to kidnap her and see her dead.

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  1. melandria says:

    hi sis, nice choice of movie, here's mine, http://melandriaromero.info/?p=612


  2. eden says:

    I love this movie too.

    Thanks for the visit Anne. Regards sa tanan

  3. Liz says:

    wahhh! ang daming nag post neto. kung na post ko to, 5 na tayo..Hehehe!


  4. Mama Ko says:

    Winner yata ang movie natofor this week, pang apat nato na feature today ng ibang couchers. Its a good movie, i have seen this one. Mine is here sis http://www.sheaky.com/2010/06/tcp-live-free-or-die-hard.html

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