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Our Today’s Agenda

Right after we enjoyed ourselves watching movies from HBO this afternoon, Mj reminded me to take a shower so we can go to church. She is always the one who would invite us to go to church every Sunday, I would sometimes tell them so but she is always the first one to remind me we have to get ready. We went to St. Paul; it is nearby at the mall we would go after and the restaurant that I want us to dine with tonight. So after church, we headed immediately to the Barbecue Restaurant, Faith and Mj ate a lot of barbecue chicken and my diet was destructed again. When we were done eating, I bought some stuff for my kids, umbrella, vitamins and some clips for Faith, while Mj has a new raincoat, clips and her pencil’s lid at the mall.

Since Faith is bugging me right now, I could not concentrate writing this post anymore, so I have to park my keyboard now folks, goodnight!