Food Trip Friday # 1 : Rae Rae Ken

My first time to join the Food Trip Friday and since eating and foods are mostly alike by the whole clan, I might as well join the oh most yummy-licious that would happen every Friday. So here’s my first entry:

When I have some extra money, I always treat my kid to Rai Rai Ken and I and Mj would always love to have their value meals. This cost range to P 159.00 to P 165.00 but when the budget is tight, Jollibee and McDonalds will always be available for us and oh, especially for Faith.

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  1. ♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ says:

    I'm so happy to see you joining us sis :D. Welcome to Food Trip Friday and I'm assure you,lagi ka magugutom tuwing Friday.
    Masarap nga sa Rae Rae Ken,when I was sitll working at naabutan ng lunch sa labas, diyan kami kumakain, pero tama ka,medyo expensive nga sila kaya usually kapa gmay extra $$$ lang pwede,anyway the Bee and the clown is always there to save the day for your girls naman eh. 🙂

  2. anne says:

    you are exactly right willa, favorite yun ng little girl ko hehehe

  3. Luna Miranda says:

    i love Rai Rai Ken–they serve good food and their prices are affordable. welcome to FTF.

  4. tatess says:

    tagal ko na talaga dito sa middle east at di ko kilala yang Rae Re Ken.

  5. anne says:

    Hi Luna hehehe for me its a bit expensive than of Jollibee

  6. anne says:

    Hi Tatess hehehe ano siya they serve japanesse food.

  7. ♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ says:

    my officemarte would always order this if she wants a hearty lunch coz it's so sulit daw!

  8. anne says:

    yes it is so sulit girl but I really find it so expensive, hehehe just being a nanay here, budget budget budget lol

  9. AC says:

    rai rai ken is one of my favorite japanese restos in pinas… yum!!!

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