Getting Bald

When I was still working as a call center agent, I noticed that my hair falls down every time I took a bath. I was worried; I don’t want to get bald of course, good thing at that there was this repair shampoo advertised in TV. So I tried it and slowly my hair regains its strength, a while ago when I went to the mall to buy a new blouse, when I looked at the mirror in the dressing room, I have this falling hair again. I don’t want to buy that shampoo that I tried before because it is already commercialized, it is not effective anymore. I am still in Kumon right now, maybe later I will try to search the fast hair growth shampoo online let’s see of what they got. Thus, it must be the best but not that expensive one since there are many things that I have to pay for now, there’s the electric bill, the house and the tuition fee for Kumon. My husband always teased me that I am assigned in the budget department; I should segregate the money I have for bills, for daily allowance and for our food. He is lucky because I spend my time at home only when I don’t have to send my eldest daughter to her extra curricular activities. How I wish to go to my friend’s house though but she is busy as well taking care of everything at home. Well, I guess that’s a life of being a Mom

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