Got Busy

I was quiet busy today, first off was to send Faith to her pediatrician since she had a fever last night, I suspected it was maybe because of her cuts from yesterday. It was so horrible seeing her screamed so loud like that, it was so unbearable but I have to be strong and remain calm so I can do what should be done, no time to get panicked otherwise I can’t think of the right thing to do.
My neighbor who just opened a store recently offered me some medications, one thing I don’t have at home is a first aid kit. Thank GOD my neighbor has a betadine, some cotton balls, bandage and some stuff for cuts. When I dropped some Agua Oxynada at Faith’s injury finger, she cried out so dreadfully loud. My sister look so horribly worried and I guess got scared with Faith’s cries but as what I’ve said a while ago, I don’t have a mere time to get panicked, Faith needs me more at that very moment.
When we arrived from the pediatrician and from grocery shopping, my being busy did not stopped there. At 4:00 p.m., I have to send Mj to her Kumon she finished at 6:30 p.m., and then we hurried home. I prepare our dinner for both of us, Faith was already done so she was busy watching her favorite program in the TV. I washed the dishes right after, prepared for Faith’s milk, helping Mj with her assignments, played with Faith for a while so on and so forth and so here I am now updating this blog so late.

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