I was not moving forward!

It was during Christmas when one cashier counter is loaded with carts and customers, so I hop into a counter that has fewer carts in line. I was smiling then because I thought I could finish ahead than of the other customers whose line is so queue. I was so certain that the barcode scanner that the cashier is using works out fine and fast and it did, when she swipe it would detect the prize of the product as that. I was waiting them to finish but I notice that the other customers on the other line was already near at their counter, their line was moving so fast while I was stuck in my post.

It was then that I realized that the owner of the three carts, which was full of stocks and goods was actually was the one who was already at the counter, that’s why I was not moving because she got all the stocks in queue. And in addition to my disappointment, the lady has to pay the cashier a thousand of coins, and they have to count it yet to make sure she paid her right. So I learned my lesson, never fooled with a queuing carts otherwise you would spend your day being stuck at your line.

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