Little Art and Videoke

Last Thursday, I and Faith had so much fun at home, we were able to get bond the whole day since sister Merlyn was not here. First thing in the morning at 11:00 a.m., just right after she got up I immediately bathe her then feed her for breakfast. Thereafter, I cleaned the whole house and she was there to give me a hand sometimes, she would help me get the broom or return her shoes in the shoe rack. Since I brought her some crayons and coloring book that night before that night, she got too busy with her little art, while I continued doing the house chores.

It was late in the afternoon that I decided to have videoke, it was only I and Faith so I thought I have no rival for my magic sing but I was wrong because my great rivalry is no other than my little monster. She grabbed the microphone and said she wanted to sing, I can’t do anything otherwise she would cry out so loud.

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