Stiletto Heels

When I was still working and before I meet my husband, I never wore flat shoes, it was not in my vocabulary to wear those kinds of sandals. Since I am a petite woman, I always bought stiletto heels just like a Christian Louboutin shoes for me to look taller. One day when I and my friends agreed to go to and meet at the beach, they were so surprised because I did not even bother to wear flip flops at all, I wore a boots with a stiletto heels. So they named me then a stiletto lady, never did I know that it also done me nothing good. My legs get easily strain and cramps, and I got a dried skin on my heel maybe because of the force yet I still did not refrain from wearing high heels.
After I gave birth to my youngest daughter, it was then that I realized how comfortable it is to only wear flat shoes or flip flops whenever I go to downtown to run my errands. I maybe not look tall this time but it was nothing compares to no cramps and strain in my legs anymore. I still wear high heels but only when we have to attend parties and or different occasions.

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