TCP # 5 : The City of Angels

Have you watched the movie The City of Angels? This movie was shown on 1998, I actually did not see this movie in cinema but in a DVD that has bunch of movies, my sister loves to collect those kinds of DVD. Anyway, one movie that really caught my attention is The City of Angels, I thought it was kind a boring but yes it was not because I just so love it. Not to mention the very touchy soundtrack, Angels of Sarah Mclachlan and guess what? It is one of my husband’s favorites.

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The synopsis:

Seth’s (Nicholas Cage) job is to listening and observing people’s lives and guide them when they die. One day when he was assigned to a child, who was dying, he noticed the surgeon trying to save the life of the child but was failed to do it. Maggi (Meg Ryan) noticed Seth in the emergency room where she struggles to save the child. Seth became so attached with Maggi and decided to be visible to her so she can see him but being visible to human is not allowed to them and yet he fell in love with Maggi.

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The soundtrack:

Lyrics | Sarah McLachlan – Angel lyrics

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