Are you okay, Mama?

My Faith, even she was sick, she still so concern about me. She was having a fever and she was lying down beside me. I was waiting for the time so I could wake her up for her medicines; I was so ready to wake her up when I cough so hard, she woke up and asked me “Are you okay, Mama?” I look at her and said ” I am okay, baby, come and take your medicine” She obliged even she did not like the taste of her medicine, then she told me “Thank you Mama”
Those words of my baby, melted my heart. She closed her eyes after but I was still so stunned of how sweet is this baby. I cried at that night since her fever did not went down yet. I really didn’t know what to, what held me during that time was that, nothing could go wrong because GOD was there looking upon us.

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