Finally, I was hired!

It is really not so easy to look for a job back then, especially when it was dreadfully so hot outside and yet you still have to look good so the company would eventually hire you. There are times, right after the interview, they would only tell you, they will just call you back but after a week or three weeks of waiting, you heard nothing from them instead.
How many times would I get so frustrated, a million of times. But I never give up, although sometimes I saw my application threw in the garbage can yet I never stop, I still seek for a company to hire me and so I did. Even that means I had to walk a thousand miles just to get to the company I want to have the interview with, in due time after a long patience of waiting, I was hired!

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  1. VANENi says:

    Congrats on your new job! 🙂

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