We went to the swimming class today and everyone were delighted to see me. It has been like so many weeks that we were not able to attend the swimming class, well I got sick and I needed to rest. But although Mj was not able to attend the swimming class, she was still able to cope up yesterday and today. At first they have to do their program then the coach asks them for sprinting for the parents to know if their speed and their stroke really improved.
I thought Mj could not make the sprinting; well it was like a test of speed for the team. They were divided according to their age. Mj has to be inline with 12 years old, 13 years old then there were two of them who had the same age as hers. The parents were told to come at the pool and watch them. When it was their turn, she surprised me again with her speed during freestyle, it was 50m and she competes fairly. She finished the 50m first; she was able to overcome against the 12 years old and 13 years old. The parents applauded her as I never expected she could do it, they even said freestyle is really Mj’s forte.
Her breaststroke wasn’t that perfect although yeah her stroke was but she still need to work with her speed, she was only on the third spot, which is still alright me besides it was not really a competition, it was only a test of their speed. I always reprimanded her and if I could I would say it again that if she will not win on a swimming competition next summer, she need not to worry because no matter what happen I always be proud of her, as long as she did her best. Now she doesn’t mind the competition at all, she just have to enjoy every moment in the water, I mean this happens only so rare so she just have to explore and enjoy.

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