Trying to catch a plane

My husband is still trying to catch a flight in Los Angeles until now, I am already antsy to see him but it has been days since he was there and he is always a by chance passenger. He got out at La general hospital on Tuesday and right after he was discharged, he went to the airport immediately. I am already pity for my husband, he is so depressed and so tired to get on the plane but he never given a chance, sometimes he is the 9th passenger on the waiting list. He said he won’t give up as he wanted to see his monsters and me, I just hope tomorrow, someone would spare him a seat, our appointment in Manila has been put on hold because of what happened. Please GOD, let him have a flight to go here so we could be together for at least how many weeks.

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  1. Mommy Liz says:

    Wow, uuwi pala si Terry ha. Excited k na noh?? Sana nga maka kuha na siya ng seat. Enjoy his being there..wag muna mag blog na masyado..

  2. anne says:

    @ Mommy Liz ewan ko girl baka next month pa wahh

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