Blue Monday # 10 : A Toothpick Dispenser

Along with the center table I bought on Saturday, I won a toothpick dispenser as well. It is so cute though that Faith thought it is a toy. We keep on hiding it from here because she would demand for it for her to play.

20 Responses to “Blue Monday # 10 : A Toothpick Dispenser”

  1. SmilingSally says:

    What a cute toothpick holder.

    Happy Blue Monday, Anne! Check out my book giveaway.

  2. L says:

    Haha, cute!!!

    Have a great day.

    My Blue Monday.

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh, that's cute! It looks like a little M&M!

    HaPpY bLuE mOnDaY!


  4. Vernz says:

    asa mu-agi ang toothpick diha gurl.. hahaha… pero nice ha… thanks for the drop..

  5. The Paint Splash says:

    very cute toothpick dispenser Pray you have a blessed week and get to come by for a visit. Debbie

  6. Dhemz says:

    woi pagka cute man kau ani nga toothpick holder woi…nice….abi nako ug M&Ms…hehehhe!

  7. Valerie@travelingthrough2 says:

    Your toothpick dispenser is adorable! Nice blue.

  8. anne says:

    Thanks Smiling Sally

  9. anne says:

    @ Sarah yeah and it is so free hehehe

  10. anne says:

    @ Vernz naay murag i click sa kilid daun mogawas ang toothpick hehehe

  11. kat says:

    hahaha ka cute sa imong toothpick holder Anne

  12. anne says:

    Thank you Paint splash

  13. anne says:

    @ Dhemz hehehe mura bitaw siya pud ug m&m karon lng sad nako nabantayan hahhaa

  14. A 2 Z says:

    Very sweet!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  15. anne says:

    Thanks Valerie most importantly it is free hehehe

  16. anne says:

    @ Kat libre na girl sa nccc mall hahaha

  17. anne says:

    Thank you A2Z

  18. Fe says:

    haaa…funny…how long you need to hide that for her.. mura sad bitaw siya ug dulaan

  19. anne says:

    @ Fe I guess until forever hehehe

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