Dancing Together

Mj is a good dancer, she can sway her body smoothly and Faith wanted to be like her, only then she was not swaying her body but she sways her foot instead. It was a fun evening for the three of us, soon their Dad will going to witness their little bonding. Life is just so good thank you so much GOD.

2 Responses to “Dancing Together”

  1. eden says:

    Nindot nila tan awon nag sayaw. Maayo kay dili mauwawon si MJ. Si dorothy mauwawom kaayo basta parte na ug sayaw.

  2. Cacai M. says:

    lingaw jud ko tan-aw nila sis.. cute mn kaau si Faith og si MJ nindot mosayaw.. kinsa mn to'ng naa sa pc sis? Oizzt by the way, oo mao amo^ plan pohon, hopefully ma-realize without any circumstances beyond our control. Anyway, yaw kulba^.. kaya mo 'yan.. sge.. ayo2x.. 🙂

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