Girl’s Talk : Red Poinsettia

Ber, it’s ber here and you know what that means, in due time Christmas time once again and the reddish poinsettia will be blooming soon. These were taken during one of those days of our first meeting, we agreed to tour the Eden Park and that was one of our pictures together way back on 2007.
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23 Responses to “Girl’s Talk : Red Poinsettia”

  1. zoan says:

    galing naman, paskong pasko na kahit last 2007 pa dba 😀 pero alam mo ba na dahon nya yang kulay red? ehhe

  2. Cacai M. says:

    Red na red jud sis, as in sweet na sweet. Ka-sexy pa nmo da'ri nga pic Anne.. 🙂

  3. f e R r y j H o i says:

    Wow naman!! ganda ng poinettia.. nag terno sya sis sa red na bag mo!!! love it!!

    >> Happy Girls Talk

  4. anne says:

    @ Zoan really wow thanks for the info never knew that hehehe

  5. anne says:

    Hahahaha Cacai sinabi mo pa, maniwala kat sa hindi yung waistline ko nun 24 lang naun para mag twenty nine na yata wahhh

  6. Kero says:

    those are wonderful flowers!! and that is one sweet photo =)

    hope you can visit my GT entry here

  7. ShutterHappyJenn says:

    Oh yes, Merry Christmas na!

    My GT post is up HERE.

  8. Pinay Expat says:

    Taga Davao ka sis? poinsettia reminds me too of december month! waaa waiting na mga inaanak!

  9. Pinay Expat says:

    taga davao ka sis? Poinsettia reminds me of December..inaanak waiting in line na! nice blog!

  10. kha says:

    ganda ng flowers, gusto ng mom ko ng ganyang halaman..hmm ang inlove ng background nio 🙂 mine is up..
    Happy GT!

  11. anne says:

    @ feryjhoi ay oo nga hehehe naun ko lang napansin lol

  12. anne says:

    Thank so much Kero

  13. anne says:

    @ Pinay Expat yup I am from davao hehehe

  14. anne says:

    @ Kha how I wish I could plant though lol because if I can, I might as well wanted to plant a poensettia also pero sadyang nd tayo green thumb lol

  15. ♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ says:

    Nice bag sis!
    Is Terry coming for Christmas?

  16. anne says:

    @ Willa I am not sure girl wahhh so sad naman ng answer ko huhuhu

  17. Rossel says:

    bloody red poinsettia. tagal ko ng hindi nakakakita nyan. puro fake na lang nakikita ko dito kapag Christmas.

    my entry is here, sis…

  18. Chuchie | Chie Wilks says:

    wow..nice photos of you two..unang napansin ko na red sis is ur bag..medyo may pagkared din..

    thanks for visiting mine sis

  19. anne says:

    @ chie, oo nga eh kaligtaan ko hehehe

  20. Mommy Liz says:

    wow, ang bata ng itsura mo dito, hehehe. red na red ang flowers, kaya ikaw din eh namumula sa saya..

  21. K says:

    reminds me that Christmas is nearing! whoo! i love your shot dear. real sweet!

  22. anne says:

    @ Mommy Liz three years ago pa yan mommy liz hehehe

  23. anne says:

    Thanks K, makakarinig na naman tayo ng mga christmas carols nito hehehe

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