Sleeping in the Living Room for Two Nights

tsMj has been sleeping in the living room for two nights because she got a fever and we’re afraid Faith could catch a flue as well if she slept in our bedroom. She put the foam in the living room and I set up the electric fan for her. She just told me though to be beside her until she fall asleep and that I can go to the bedroom to sleep with Faith. I thought she might get scared or something but nope she said she cares for her little sister so much and she knows how I get so panicked when Faith gets a fever.
Last night, since her fever already went down and she already took a bath yesterday, she was free to sleep beside us in our bed. She was so happy that her fever is gone already and that she doesn’t have to sleep in our living room.

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  1. eden says:

    Glad MJ is Ok now. David was not feeling well this morning but glad he is Ok now.

    Hugs to the kids

  2. anne says:

    @ den, yeah shes off to school already I hope she will not get sick anymore haist

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