So drained

Sometimes I feel like I am not doing my best being a mom, just tonight my two kids are acting up. Mj was being so stubborn and Faith was just pain in the butt. When I ask Mj to do a certain thing, she keeps on saying wait, or for a while, she won’t do it immediately. I got already so pissed off when I told her to go to sleep since it is almost 10:00 p.m., she has classes tomorrow yet both at school and at swimming class, and it took her a while to go to the bedroom and sleep because she was busy over something that is not necessary anymore. I scolded her, I even told her to go out in the house if she won’t go to the bedroom right at the very moment, she passed in front of me. And I was really mad.
Faith on the other hand, keeps on telling me to let her eat a Koko crunch, and I was already preparing her milk. She cried when I said no, and insisted of what she wants. I left her tumbler in the table, which she cried very hard. I was so tired of listening her cries, and when I didn’t seem to notice her. She approached me and said, she want to brush her teeth. When we both go to our bedroom, she carried her milk and drank it all the way. Until I am still so drain, Faith is already sleeping in our bed. When I went back to the computer, I could not find my husband anymore, he already signed off. I supposed to tell him all my emotions for tonight but I was late. Goodnight everyone, may all you have a wonderful starry night.

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  1. Vernz says:

    Kaya mu yan gurl… talk to them kung cool kana kasi.. ako tendency ko .. musiga akong mata.. hahaha… dropping by here..

  2. anne says:

    @ Vernz na ako girl usahay dili jud ko makapugong oi mabunalan haist

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