A very loving Mom despite of her baby’s condition

When we went to my kids’ pediatrician yesterday, I noticed this baby tried to smile at me, her Mom’s arms wrapped around her. I asked the Mom how many months, is she she, I was so surprised with her answer because she is already 1 year old and yet she still looks like a baby. She can’t walk yet and she seems like she is still trying hard to control her head. The mother said she can’t even eat yet and her support to live is only through milk. I was so sad to know about the baby’s condition and so proud of her Mom taking good care despite of the baby’s condition. She said the baby got a fever since last night that’s why they were there.
Her mom smiled at me while she change the baby’s shirt, she is indeed a very strong woman and so sweet with her baby. She keeps on talking to her baby not to cry because her father is not there with them. The baby seems to understand and she lie her head to the shoulder of her Mom and was trying to be quiet, in some way I felt pity for her as well as I was so touch with her gesture towards her baby, she obviously love her baby so much. I hope the baby would feel better and whatever her condition now would turn out alright.

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