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Girl’s Talk : The Malice

I love Sidney Sheldon and too bad he can’t write any books at all. So next to Sidney Sheldon, I am currently fond of reading Danielle Steel book and the recent one I just read is Malice. It is a story about a woman who was raped by her biological father and was convicted in killing him. His father was a respected lawyer in their town, so all of them believed and biased with him. She was too young at that time and so naive. She thought of her mother’s word to protect her father’s image, she loved her mom so much who just died from cancer, she felt guilty that she killed her father at that night when he tried to raped her again, the night after her mother’s funeral. So she admitted it, she admitted she killed her father without any reason at all.
A lawyer came to her one day and suspected that she has been denying the truth. Later, the lawyer convinced her to reveal the reason why she killed his own father but the day before she was so ready to tell what really happened, the lawyer encountered an accident and died. She was sentenced for so many years.
I tell you, the book is really good. I was even crying right after I am done reading it.

Clearing Some Stuff

A rack mount PC, that is definitely what I needed to buy right now, since I have so many stuffs in my table, like papers, pencils, keys and a glass of water, in which it would possibly thrown in my laptop. I don’t want that to happen but no matter how keen I am with clearing my stuff here, I just can’t avoid to be disorganized since I have my kids keep on messing things and I want my PC to have a protection from unavoidable accidents.
Geez, I really need to do some cleaning from my workplace down to the kitchen, good thing I already bathe my youngest daughter after I fed her. I am still waiting for my sister because I need to go out very soon for my chest x ray result. I am so out of here, I need to get up my butt so I could start cleaning and uncluttered my files here.