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Reviewing For Her Exam Tomorrow

My eldest daughter is currently studying the past form of Irregular verb, no matter how she memorizes, it always slips on her head what is the past form of a certain verbs. She was alright with regular verbs like, she would add s when the noun used is singular, if it’s plural she doesn’t need to use add the s except I and you. Although she would get confused sometimes, I believe she can make it this time. Her teacher even told her that she is improving so well in English.
Good thing. Faith sleeps early tonight; Mj could concentrate on her review. Usually, when Faith is awake, she would disturb her sister in the bedroom or ask her to get her a glass of water, or milk, or ask her to play with her. She would ignore me when her sister is around, and she will just call me when her sister would ignore her or when they are already arguing over a certain thing. I sometimes told Mj not to fight with her little sister but there are times that my eldest daughter should show her little sister who is the Ate. I don’t have problem with that since Faith should know how to respect especially when the other one is busy doing her school works.

Teen’s Problem

Every teens I know when having pimples and acnes are often pondering in how to get rid of acne, they would sometimes prick it out because they don’t know what treatment is the best for it and mostly they could not afford branded products for their acne. The causes of getting acne are mostly when a person doesn’t get enough sleep or when she is eating a lot of oily foods. Just like me now, I am so sleepy and I am sure that I would get pimples in no time if I don’t sleep as required. So it is not only teen’s problem but of course to those young at heart as well. Therefore, I need to take a nap again not later but now.