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Food Trip Friday # 14 : Seafoods

Seafood’s is one of my favorite, whenever I go to a restaurant I always look for seafood especially if I am starving. And since it is soup it is become the favorite of my youngest daughter as well.
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Looks Comfy

Whenever I have to take the kids to the doctor or I visit a friend in the hospital, I notice the clothes the doctors and nurses are wearing. What are these “uniforms” called? Most often they are called scrubs. It seems to me that medical clothing is loose and comfortable, almost like pajamas. I wonder if I could wear discount medical scrubs as pajamas. Hahahaha would people think I am a nurse or a doctor? What do you think?
I also noticed that there are many different patterns and colors. Do you remember the days when you would see a nurse’s uniform as a white dress with a funny looking nurse’s cap on top? It did not look very practical. Hence discount uniform scrubs appear to be very functional and easy to care for. No longer are nurses and doctors stuck in white but they can wear almost any color they want.
From modern doctor’s uniforms, to nurse’s scrubs, to lab coats for doctors, the styles have certainly changed. No more solid white, but a wide variety are available to those in the medical profession. The next time you go to the hospital or the doctor’s office, take a look at what the staff is wearing. It looks comfy.