Her Ears Really Hurts

When we went to their Pediatrician yesterday, I asked their Doctor to check Mj’s ears because she said it hurts her from time to time. I informed him she is into swimming and on Saturday after the training, she already complained of her ears. She said it feels like a needle is poking on her eardrum. When the Pediatrician checked her ears, he told us that there’s water inside her ears and needed to be remove by flashing. We must go to the ENT specialist again so we could remove it properly together with the earwax, we could not get rid of it by ourselves alone because we might push the earwax with the water and that would complicate her. So two days from now there will be no training for her we must go to the ENT first for the check up. I hope it doesn’t cost us much.

2 Responses to “Her Ears Really Hurts”

  1. eden says:

    mao jud na usahay mahitabo kung mag swimming masudlan ang ear ug tubig. Bisan gani karon mag swimming mi akong dawgan usahay masudlan ug tubig.

  2. Christy says:

    Both of my boys have had trouble with their ears. They have both had tubes placed in their ears. Our youngest has bad acid reflux, when we began treating him with heartburn medicine his earaches decreased. I hope she feels better soon!

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