Unlucky But Still Lucky

We had a water interruption here as early as 6:00 a.m., in the morning. Good thing we still have a gallon of purified water stock for us to drink and so I told my eldest daughter to used it. When I was ready to cook, I found out that we just ran out of propane gas, I have to messaged the store that delivers gas for cooking. But I can’t because it was so early yet, I am sure they are still closed. So I told my eldest daughter to just eat what is available and I will just have to send her lunch when my sister Merlyn arrived only to find out she would have to purchase some goods for her store and that she will be coming later in the afternoon. See, how unlucky I was yesterday yet after being so unfortunate my neighbor just informed that she was at school. And she is ready to borrow me some money to give it to Mj so I don’t have to worry about her lunch.

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