Girl’s Talk: Grocery Shopping

When I grocery shop, I would immediately get my cellphone to use the calculator right there so I could monitor the amount of each of the items and so I could limit also my shopping, if the budget would only be of that certain amount then I will not exceed. In that way, I could also track the price if it increased this time or decreased but most of the time as I noticed, it always goes up Mostly, especially when there’s school, I would buy wet goods, that is easy to cook, like eggs, bacon, chicken pandan, hotdogs and the like. Chicken and meats are included in the list too. Faith still wears diaper at night so I have to make sure I have those in my basket and her milk as well. I would buy a small can of milk for her because she is not using already a feeding bottle, she used a sippy cup and she doesn’t drink a lot of times because we make sure that she eats her meal regularly.
I also buy some cookies for the kids, Koko crunch with fresh milk, a fit and right fruits and the bottled one, Nestea, and etc, etc.
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9 Responses to “Girl’s Talk: Grocery Shopping”

  1. Leah says:

    My grocery list is all about food.. Food, food and food! Hihi.. Of course, there are some toiletries.. and some vanities. But mostly, food.

    Check out my entry and see for yourself. =)

    Happy GT Thursday!! =)

  2. chubskulit says:

    I gave up computing the total here hahaha kasi pag kasama namin tong mga burritos they are very good in sneaking in some stuff into the buggy lol..

  3. Pinay Expat says:

    Grocery shopping is one of the best things in life that gives us the opportunity to pick…… but we have to pay the price..hehhe lovely visit to ur blog…happy GT…

  4. *josie* says:

    oo nga kesa magsoli pag nag over-budget, 🙂 saka sa loob ng grocery mas safe ilabas ang cellphone pero sa palengke baka mahalbot pa, hehehe

  5. *josie* says:

    oo nga kesa magsoli pag nag over-budget, 🙂 saka sa loob ng grocery mas safe ilabas ang cellphone pero sa palengke baka mahalbot pa, hehehe

  6. Mommy Liz says:

    eh ganon naman talaga ang mga prices, di naman bababa unless na naka sale di ba? ako rin eh nakalista ang budget, tapos tinitingnan ko ang total habang nasa cash register, kapag malapit na ma reach ang budget ko, iniisip ko na kugn alin dun ang di ko bibilhin, hehehe..

  7. simply kim says:

    hmmm… i'm curious about 'chicken pandan'

  8. The-Working-Woman says:

    I go to the price verifier machine. It's a headache when I do that. You know items without prices on them and you are already at the counter. Takes time when the bagger has to run back and look for the price. Hate it when that happens so I look into the price first.

  9. K says:

    i try to use my cellphone as a calculator every time, but i always end up pushing a wrong button and all my earlier calculations would be lost. LOL. here's to waiting for the day when our kids will be fully potty trained so we can finally slash diapers off our grocery list. hee hee.

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