Practice and Training

I have to go out early again today, my eldest daughter has a practice at school, and I have to go to her Advance Tutorial of exchange of her worksheets since she cannot attend today’s session. Right after I went to the Kumon, I have to go back to fetch her up at school so we could both go home. I supposed to write an entry for my other blog last night but I wasn’t able to do so, Faith woke up all so sudden just after I finished watching my favorite series in the TV. I have to lie down beside her so she could go back to her dreamland otherwise she will wake up and would go back to our slumber at 3:00 in the morning.
When she finally sleeps, I tried to log in but geez I was just too droopy, that all I want to do was to go back in bed. Mj was still in the living room, having a fun time with facebook. Yes I made her one for some games she could play, I was just pitied on her, she was asking for it a year ago already. I just told her to be so careful adding people, if she doesn’t know them, then she should not add them. I also put privacy on her profile, just like mine. Even you would add me, using my yahoo add, you still can’t find me unless I will be the one to add you and if you have seen my profile through friends of friends.
Right now, I and Mj went home, I would take some rest a little bit later so I have enough energy when I send Mj to her training. Have a good nap everyone!

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