TCP # 21: Hook

Just so, I know I needed to apologize for posting all the Meme’s too late including the Tuesday Couch potatoes, my Internet connection has been intermittent these past few weeks and I cannot call my ISP anymore as I was too tired of their same lame excuses. Anyway, without any further ado, here’s my entry for:

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I guess all of us, when we are still kids yet love Peter Pan. Well, I am one of those who got too hooked up with his series. Yesterday, I, together with Faith, we were able to watch Peter Pan not in cartoons though. It was so nice to hear about Windy and their supposedly a little love growing in their hearts.
In the movie Hook, the movie entails about Peter Pan gotten married with the granddaughter of Windy as she was already old when Peter Pan visited her one night. Peter pan realized he needed to grow up too. Peter Pan forgotten his past the moment he kissed the granddaughter of Windy, he never knew Neverland at all.
But Captain Hooked kidnapped his two kids, and he must go to Neverland to get his kids back. Tinkerbelle was able to help him remember all his childhood. For more synopses about the movie here’s the link.

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  1. the all-around mom says:

    i also love this film – brings out the child in us 🙂

    i'm interested in following your lovely blog and exchange links. let me know if it's ok 🙂

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