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TCP # 25: Santa Paws

Alright, I am officially a movie lover, when it’s weekend and we don’t have much stuff to do the next day, you would expect me to sleep too late, like 2:00 a.m., just to watch the DVD I bought at the shop. Recently, I and MJ watched the search for Santa Paws.
It is about Santa Claus who lost his friend, his friend sent him a do stuff toy and with the help with that big crystal at the north pole, that stuff toy became real dog and Santa calls him Santa Paws his very own best friend.
One day, they went to New York, but unfortunately Santa has been robbed including his crystal necklace that could make him remember he is indeed the Santa Claus. Santa Paws was also separated from him to look for help; he keeps on looking for him the whole day. Then he met an orphan girl who would help him find Santa Claus. Santa on the other hand was hired to a toy store Hackle Buckle; there he would pretend he is Santa Claus. But because he doesn’t have his crystal necklace with him, he got terribly sick, Santa Paws, the Reindeers, the elves and Santa’s wife are already worried of him.
Could they still found him, and the crystal necklace? You must watch it!
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