After Four Years, And So We Met

Finally, I and Anne were able to see each other here in the city at SM. It was our first time yet we had known each other for like 4 years already. The kids had so much fun especially the young at heart, that’s us of course. At first Mj and Alex were shy to talk to each other but they overcome it later on, right when they had a horse ride and when we went to the wonderland. While playing, I and Anne were able to have some chitchat, if only Mj don’t have a commitment we might be able to stay longer, but geez she still had Kumon and training to attain to. But I am so much glad that after the long dreaded years of just talking online, we were able to meet although yes couple of hours is not enough I just hope and wish that we could still see each other in the future. To Anne, thank you so much for the time you spent with us.

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  1. Cacai M. says:

    wow.. after 4 long years! 🙂 TAga-Davao pod diay ni si Texas Sweetie sis Ann.. wow.. nagkita jud diay mo.. am happy for u guys!

    By the way sis, hagoy naa ko sala nmo. Wla ko nakapadala og X'mas card krn nga year ky sge og ulan dre, as in 6 consecutive days, karon lang jud nihunong. Bahala nlng unta to og nangulahi bsta naa lang as I super promise secretly. Gosh, tingbon nlng valentines sis and next year X'mas ha.. muahhh! Love u sis Ann.. Again, am happy for both of u.. ~hugs~

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