Color Coordination

Sometimes I get a headache when It comes to decorating the house. The master bedroom, living room, kitchen and other areas are not that hard and are easy for me to plan. But I have two very different girls. They have a few likes in commong and they are close as sisters can be, but one is 9 and the other is a very active soon to be three year old.
The nine year old can help me by choosing things that she likes and helping me develop what to put on her walls and maybe some iron on lables for her clohtes or maybe she wants to put some on curtains. They can be put on any type of cloth, but what she likes and the color theme for her room? Well I guess I will have to ask her.
I enjoy decorating and I have my own way of doing things. In my home I have personlized posters on the walls that celebrate certain events such as the kids birthdays. I try to make a festive design that really shows my daughters off and celebrate the special occasion. I also like to pick a the color scheme for their rooms.
Both of my daughters really like blue and pink. But the thing that gives me a head ache is should I do one room with blue paint and pink trim and the other with pink paint and blue trim or one blue and one pink both with white trim? Well whatever I do, iron on labels and other accessories will have to be color coordinated to work with the room color scheme.
Yes planning the kids room may sound like fun, but it can be a head ache. What do you think? Should I ask my nine year old to help plan the color them of her and her sisters rooms, or should I just do it myself? What evern I decide to do, I hope they kids will like it. Atleast Iwill not be using purple and orange.

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