Girl’s Talk : Stress Free

When I feel so stressed only one comfortable place I always wanna go to that is our bed. Yes, when I am stressed I always sleep and so when I get up, it would refresh me just like a laptop when you used it over time, the battery would surely drain, you just need to recharge it so it would work again. So to make me recharge is to sleep, I tell you it would really make your stress, go away.
But when I am emotionally stressed I always go to church. There, I could tell all the things I wanna say without any pretensions, you can just blow it all to HIM; he would listen to you wholeheartedly. And when I am done with that, when I go out from the church, it feels like so light, it makes me feel like I took away all that burden me. It seems like I am a new person after all.

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  1. Shawie Girl says:

    I agree with you, communing with God is the best way to de-stress and chilax! Followed you here hope u can visit my site too!have a great day!

  2. Selina says:

    lagi girl no kalami i adto sa pink sisters or shrine oi…

  3. darly says:

    so true, as the bible says it- "Cast your burdens upon Him those who are heavily laden, and He will give you rest".

    Have a great weekend! Here is my entry for this week's GT.

    I Love Darly
    Food and Passion

  4. simply kim says:

    hmmm.. of the two, i am more frequently in bed. maybe because in bed, i can pray but in church i can't sleep. seriously, i prefer to communicate with the Lord in the privacy of my room. nice post!

  5. K says:

    the bed's a good spot to unwind. aside from being easily accessible, wala ring charge. hehe.

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