She Got Me There

Yesterday, Mj was so busy deciding what kind of clothes she would be wearing on Christmas Party. After a long dreaded decision making of what to pick up, she decided not to buy jeans, she said the blouse is already enough for her, she doesn’t have to buy a pair of jeans so I could save some of the money. I was so happy then because I will be able to buy new pants for me. And since she won’t buy a pair of jeans I told her she can buy a pair of shoes but right after I picked up my new pants, she showed me the shoes she wanted to buy and you know how much was it, grrr it was P700.00 I hope she does buy a pair of jeans though because that might saves me more. Aaarrgghhs she got me there!

2 Responses to “She Got Me There”

  1. Sweet Heaven says:

    da tagam hahahaha

  2. genny says:

    a dose of your own medicine ann. PALAKPAKAN ka MJ. nalipay na unta sya, nabawi man daun.wahhh

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