Rugs For My House

Being from the Philippines I am used to hot and muggy weather. Rugs are not something I use a lot of but certain types of rugs can provide a cooler home environment. My kids love playing on the floor, and in the Philippines we predominantly have linoleum or tile floors, but, as my readers know, I am interested in home decorating.
When planning the layout of a room and the way I want it to look, I also have to consider functionality and comfort. Area rugs that provide a clean and cool environment are one thing I think about. Two types of rugs come to mind when I think of cool, affordable and pleasing to the eye. Jute rugs are one of the types of rugs to consider for any room I want to decorate. Jute Rugs are durable, attractive and affordable. When I look at our furniture, I look at how this the type of rug I choose fits.
Bamboo Rugs are another option for me. With a very active toddler, this provides me, not only with an attractive rug, that does not collect a lot of ambient heat, but one that is clean attractive and a good play surface for my little Faith. The way my house looks is important to me, especially when I have guests, but what is more important is my satisfaction in choosing the fight d├ęcor for my home.

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