Activities Today

We had a long day today again, well of course it is Saturday and my daughter is so busy with her Kumon and her training.
At lunch, we met my youngest daughter at the fast food chain inside the mall, she was so happy to see me, but my sister told me that F cried so hard when my sister insists her to wear a shirt, she absolutely doesn’t like it and that she wanted her to change it. They were in a hurry so my sister did not bother to change her, she cried so hard even they were already outside the gate and she didn’t stop until they hailed a tricycle going to the Jeepney stop.
After, we ate our lunch, I treated them to the Jumping Express, it is an inflated balloon where all the kids can jump and shoot the ball. My oh my, as I have to accompany F, inside that balloon, I was dripping of sweat even how cold it was there! My youngest daughter was so hyper and she wanted me to leave her alone though she was having a hard time when other kids hit her.
Although, it was so tiring, it somehow helps me to forget what is going on right here, right now. Oh Lord please let all the things be alright. Please!

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