Fans and Cabinet for the House

The weather in the Philippines gets too humid at times, unfortunately but we only have one stand fan, which we used in our bedroom. Our living room needs a ceiling fan just what we have in our previous house. I roamed around a home furnishings store that sells ceiling fans yet I just could not find a Casablanca fans, there were imitations but I really don’t like it. I still love the Casablanca designs and its glamorous styles. I hope they will be able to provide that brand so I have an extra ceiling fan at home.
On the other note, since I could not find the designs I like for ceiling fan, I might just buy a cabinet where I can store my stuffed toys and some mini decorations. I hope I can save more this time so I could buy more stuff for the house.

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  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    Happy birthday to your daughter .. i love blue 🙂

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