Girl’s Talk : Cheesy!

My husband and I are too miles apart from each other, I guess it is not new to everyone else here who keeps on reading my blogs. I am still worried right now and I hope on Saturday this will be gone. I can’t yet to tell everyone here what it is all about. Well, that’s me I keep it to myself until it is resolved or until it is alright. And when I am stuck with these thoughts, with this feeling I just can’t write or say a word that is relevant for any topic, but I hope the pictures below will justify the theme for today. CHEESY, MUSHY, SWEETY that is!
First date together!

When our little love bug arrives
My life and everything!

In love and happy
but he was asleep. LOL
I miss you hon!

14 Responses to “Girl’s Talk : Cheesy!”

  1. genny says:

    pictures speaks what you wanted to say ann. happy GT!

  2. Legal-Babe says:

    *Tight hugs*
    I hope all is good. Love is clearly written on your pictures and I wish the both of you all the best in life!


  3. carinamodella says:

    aww! this is sooo sweet. thanks for sharing your love story.

  4. sHeNgKaY says:

    picture speak louder that any words..hehehe..ay ano ba yan!

    no entry so far for GT..

  5. ladyguinevere28 says:

    Nice pics and it really shows true emotions of what they called LOVE.. Keep the love burning.

  6. Bambie dear ★ says:

    Sana magkasama na talaga kayo 🙂 Still praying for that. Para naman masundan na si faith hehe


  7. chubskulit says:

    Whatever is bothering you, I hope it will be fine..

  8. Vernz says:

    awww. gurl wala akong GT ngayong month kasi wala koy stupidiest thing.. hahaha.. sige lang gurl /.. pray harder so they say..

  9. czaroma says:

    first time to be here. wish I knew your love story, but those pictures are really the sweetest 🙂

  10. Scotty's Princess says:

    Cheesy nga talaga, Anne. Thanks for sharing those lovely shots of you with your husband.

    See yah!

  11. mymommyconfessions says:

    I can definitely feel the love in the photos and in this post. Godspeed!

    – Mama Mia

  12. simply kim says:

    oh.. it's just so sweet!

  13. K says:

    i hope that whatever you had in mind at the time you were posting this has already gone away. pictures are worth a thousand words, and i can definitely see how happy you are when you're with him (even if he's asleep. LOL). and can see how he's wonderful with the kids as well 🙂

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