My Thank You Cards For Them

It was too late already when I asked my brother-in-law to make an invitation card for the birthday of my youngest daughter. He was able to finished the lay out and the card itself was already the day before the event. I was not able to send all the cards so since it was like a badge invitation card with my baby’s picture in it; I just handed it to them during the event and told them, those were my thank you cards for pursuing to come to the party, even how late the invitation was. F’s has a blast although we did not allow her to have a dip in the pool since no one will be able to look after her, her sister JM know how to swim, and she was also with other swimmers so she can freely have some fun and play with other kids. I still have 3 pool passes in that hotel though, thus anytime we can always be there to have a pool getaway.

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