My newly purchased book is ruined, the cover was torn apart and of course I know you know who did it. LOL
It was my fault also because after I finished reading this morning, I just put it in our couch and so when my youngest saw it, she turns the pages, tried to read and later on tore the cover apart. I was so hurt, I never even done reading it and now it was torn.
I tried to reconnect the cover to the book but I could not find my scotch tape, I have to wait for my eldest to arrive so I could ask her where she puts it. For the meantime, I just stapled it and hide in our drawer.
Me: Oh my dear little love bug, please stop tearing the books apart, oh please!
F : Ok, A yabu Mama
Now how could you get mad with that gesture?

3 Responses to “Ruined”

  1. Janice says:

    awww…I hate it when my books get torn. But yeah, how can you blame a small kid for doing so? Especially when they're so cute, right? Oh well, I guess next time just hide it where they can't get to it. hehehe.

  2. Gian Faye says:

    Aww. Poor book. 🙁

  3. eric says:

    Kids are kids. My niece even swallowed some part of a page before.


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