Thank you Mama, A Yabu

I am here at Kumon waiting for my daughter to finish, there were two days she was not able to attend her tutorial since we got too busy this week. F’s was still asleep when we went out I am sure she will look for us when she gets up. Today will be a busy day for us, as we have to meet some friends in the mall, I am sure we will be having a long chit chats about life and stuff. I hope JM will not get bored of waiting for me while I am having fun. Well, on the second thought, I guess she will not, because she brought her Nintendo with her. She would even thank me for that since later in the afternoon until tonight, she could not touch her Nintendo anymore because she will be very busy for her training.
I hoped to bring F to the pool but you know how she gets too excited when she sees water, she doesn’t care to jump at that. Well, how I wish she knows how to swim though so I will not worry of her getting drown, I could still remember her on her birthday, she was so persistent to join the other kids in the pool, but sister Merlyn was firmed not to let her. Even so, she still told me “Thank you Mama, I yabu” when we were on our way home after her party.

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  1. Silvergirl says:

    the words of i love you from little girl is so beautiful 🙂

  2. chubskulit says:

    Over here Anne, it's a non-no to leave your kid alone at home, you'll go to prison if police finds out.. Ingat lagi..

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