To Improve our Writing Ability

When I was a college student, I much preferred multi-choice exams to fill in the blanks or answering essay type questions. It is not that I do not enjoy writing, but those kinds of tests just gave me problems. In addition to those types of exams, most of my classes required that I write at least one essay. Well, as you probably know, essays are a lot of work. They take time to write and research properly. In some classes, my professors would give us a list of topics to choose from, but I remember one English professor who only said, “Your essay must be related to your area of Major.” Well that gave me headaches.
Needless to say, finding college essay topics can be a challenge. I do not promote plagiarism in any form. But it is not a bad idea to look and see what others have written, just don’t copy it. I wrote one paper on Heuristics that I thought was pretty good at the time, but if I go back and read it now, I kick myself because I know it can be much better. I got a good score on it, but now that I think of it, it was not very good.
Using an online essay or essay topic can contribute to a student in getting a good grade or perfecting their writing skills. Writing essays does not only help us learn about a certain subject, it helps us improve our writing and communications skills. For the students who read my blog, being able to write a good essay will help you later in life when you have to write resumes or “White Papers” and other reports. Being a good writer is as important as being a good speaker.
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  1. eric says:

    I love essays when I was in college because I don't need to memorize anything.


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