Tweaking so Hard

I am trying to put up another blog for wordpress this time but geez just like before I find it so hard. I even don’t know how the sidebars worked. But I will never give up someday I will find a way to learn how to used it. I just need a little more time but with my being so busy here, I think it will not be easy for me, I will have to look forward for waking up until dawn just to learn from it. Wish me luck!
P.S. This time I just quit! Wahhh

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7 Responses to “Tweaking so Hard”

  1. Scotty's Princess says:

    Haha!Mura man pud ka ug ako, Anne! LOL! Three of my blogs are under WP though.


  2. kat says:

    toink…duha na ta Anne…kutaw jud ako brain sa WP…pero kailangan no retreat, no surrender hehehe. go go go girl hehe

  3. imriz says:

    anne, i know ulget through it easily…ako, up to now, dko pa alam maglagay ng widgets, ahehe

  4. Grampy says:

    Anne take your time. It is not easy to get use to something new. I just crashed my other blog. My fault. I was fooling around with it too much
    .I can't sign in.I think I might just start over.

  5. chubskulit says:

    I can't do WP Anne, mahina ako sa technicalities lol..

  6. Nortehanon says:

    Oh, don't give up just yet. Sige lang, go lang ng go. I might be able to help you out, just shoot me an email if you need help. Baka may maitulong ako 🙂

    Miss N of

  7. Winchester says:

    it seems we're in the same situation; i just put up a new blog, this time sa wp… nosebleed na nga ako eh…heheh…
    good luck sa atin ! =)

    Flowing Rhythms
    Family Life by Fe

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