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Top Commentators and Top EC Droppers for February

I had a good sweat in the belly dancing today, but mind you, I was not sweating because of the movement, I was sweating because I couldn’t move my hips and my feet just turn around as if it gone nowhere even you only have to forward and bend your knees and so on, I never thought, really that it was this hard.
Moreover, even I am too tired and sleepy; I would never slip this day without extending my gratitude to my top loyal droppers for the month of February. Thank you so much!
Kudos also to my top commentators for the Month of February. I owe you everything, thanks for the lovely comments.
  1. chubskulit (10)
  2. Willa (6)
  3. genny (5)
  4. momgen (5)
  5. shengkay (4)
  6. simply kim (3)
  7. Eric (3)
  8. Grampy (3)
  9. Smiling Sally (3)
  10. LV (3)