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In a coffee shop

I already have shouted this out to my FB and my friends had a good laugh with it.

Well, it happens when we were in a coffee shop.

Jm ordered a ham and egg sandwich and a milk shake. I ordered a coffee and a sandwich as well. My friend came over to join us when suddenly I called the waiter and blurted out if I could have an ice water, take note we were in a coffee shop and not in a Sari-Sari store!

Ice water here is like bottled water, the difference is that the ice water is stored in plastic cellophane and obviously bottled water is in a bottle, you could usually found the ice water in a small store within a village.

The waiter laughed! He really was not able to keep it, the nerve! LOL anyway, yeah I understand him. Me and my friend also burst out laughing, while my daughter corrected me “Ma, Bottled Water” alright, I was just being silly!

Savory Aroma

My Dad was a smoker, whenever we tried to stop her and telling him it was not good for him. He would still insist on smoking. He asked us not to deprived his happiness since that was the only way he could release tensions and stress at work, if only I was matured enough at that time and was working then, I could have bought him cohiba cigars dominican, he must savor the aroma that he would linger on until he finishes it. Geez, what I am talking about, I know that when you smoke it is always not good for your lungs. Maybe it would be better to send my Dad to a rehabilitation center for him to stop smoking, what do you think? Anyway, if you really can’t resist smoking, why don’t you try the cohiba cigars for you to at least experience the savory flavors. Thank God my husband is a non-smoker, even I am not around, and I can assure that.