Girl’s Talk : The Most Hated Music

It is March already and this time we must celebrate because this mean, summer is just around the corner! LOL
Anyway since the love thing is over, we must go forward and think hard for the music we could not endure to hear. The most hated music ever that you wish it was not composed or wishes not to hear it especially when you ride a Jeepney. I am referring to no other than the double meaning, heavy metal music.
There was one time that I really told the driver of the Jeepney to turn his radio off because it was really disturbing and there were kids who could hear it. The driver ignored me at first, well I just can’t passed that annoying sounds that reverberating so hard in my eardrums, I really went near at the back of the driver and told him to shut it off or else all of us will get down. Since I guess he realized he needed to earn, he disapprovingly turn the radio off.
All the passengers thanked me for the gesture. Oh well, sometimes we just need to voice out to be heard.

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  1. momgen says:

    Nice job Anne sometimes jeepneys like that. My first entry of GT!

    Mine is here

  2. Chuchie | Chie Wilks says:

    galing mo sis..u did the right thing naman..and you are right, soemtimes we need to voice out opinions to be heard.i don't really hate heavy metal music kac i love listening to them when I am doing house general cleaning hehehe

  3. mjrodriguez says:

    I agree with you. My music dislike is also about heavy metal music.

    Happy GT!

  4. Vernz says:

    di ba gurl… ginabawal na nang gusog nga music sa jeep.. bitaw kairita sa dunggan.. tiguwang na jud ta dear… hahaha..

  5. ladyguinevere28 says:

    You just did not voice it out Anne, you really shouted it out.. LOL..

  6. simply kim says:

    same here, girl! hate heavy metal… why do they have to create music like that??

  7. K says:

    you go girl! me, i would just concentrate on other things or think other thoughts to drown the music off. hehe

  8. Anne says:

    Followed you here, hope you can follow me back…
    Just for a Thought
    My Prince  Macoi
    Trying Hard Techie
    My All

    Thank you.

  9. sHeNgKaY says:

    pero tama ka..dont like either..

    Mine is done sa wakas! So late Care to peek?
    My GT Music that I Hate

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